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The Forest Patch 0.04 ist online! Englischer Changelog !

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Hallo Überlebende, der lang ersehnte Patch ist da :). Ich mache mich gerade an die Übersetzung. Diese könnt ihr gleich unter diesem Link nachlesen: <Klick mich>.

Hier erst einmal das englische original.

PATCH 0.04 Changelog

Features and changes:

  • New A.I. behaviour, mutants will sometimes go home to sleep during day along with other new routines

  • Distorted mutants can now be killed with regular weapons

  • Distorted mutants more aggressive and deadly in combat and have expanded actions

  • Better ambient lighting.  Trees and large objects diffusely occlude skylight (experimental)

  • Pause menu now actually pauses game

  • Enemies use rocks more often to jump attack at player

  • New female enemy type added.

  • Better distribution of enemies throughout the world.

  • Constructed bench now works and players can sit to regain energy or watch sunset

  • Increased axe damage against enemies

  • More variation to female cannibal models, added procedural breasts size system

  • Improved Rabbit/Lizard distribution and optimized CPU usage.

  • Improved sky and sun look

  • Improved dead cave lighting and cave 2 lighting

  • Better cave textures and rock look

  • Dead cave prop fixes, fixed some incorrect rock placements

  • Improved load times and added loading percentage amount

  • Re-balanced hunger drain

  • Better cave ground with flowing water and more detailed textures

  • Enemies will now push small items out of the way instead of getting stuck on them

  • Dead sharks now ragdoll


  • Fixed rain sound never going away even after rain stops

  • Fixed bug where some partially built structures couldn’t be completed after loading a saved game

  • Fixed animals sometimes disappearing in regular and vegan mode

  • Fixed issue where you could still shoot flare gun or use other weapons when pause menu was open

  • Yacht random position won’t change now or get lost when saved game is loaded

  • Fixed all effigies turning into arm effigy on load

  • Fixed E to add icon showing up if holding a rock or stick even if items not needed in building

  • Fixed cave drips continuing to play even when not in cave

  • Fixed fish swimming outside of pond near cliff section

  • Fixed fullness always starting at half when loading a saved game

  • Fixed moonlight sometimes missing completely

  • Fixed stick marker vanishing on loading saved game

  • Fixed missing collision roof of cabin

  • Fixed player flying in air after chopping dead bodies

  • Rain effigy effect should now work and will wear off after time

  • Cannibals spawning in villages no longer ‘pop’ when waking up

  • Fixed creepy female model attacks sometimes not hitting player

  • Fixed bug where bird landing on hand would sometimes stop axe from working

  • Fixed enemy head and leg pickups sometimes appearing as arm pickups


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